Textiles 1: Ideas and Processes Nina O'Connor

Learning Log

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Assignment 1 – Self-assessment

This has been an interesting, sometimes challenging, occasionally frustrating assignment which has underpinning the creative process.  I have learnt a lot about myself.  Personal experience and place are key areas of inspiration; words, poetry, prose and lyrics are less so.  Creating a visual record of verbs is tricky but vastly improved with interesting papers; Music is definitely not inspiration to perform.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

The choice of materials was varied and appropriate to the source, reasonable visual stills were demonstrated, working with new ways and materials left room for improvement in technical skills.

Quality of outcome

Work presented in coherent manner with discernment.

Demonstration of creativity



Good reflection, Recording of context and research needs improvement.

Strengths:  Presentation of learning log and workbook, thorough investigation, identifying areas of weakness and trying to address them, reflection.

Weaknesses:  Drawing, risk taking, research and context in this assignment.

Areas worked on for improvement: Observational drawing skills have definitely improved although there is still room for development.  Helped enormously by attending two Adventurous Drawing Short Courses at West Dean College, Chichester tutored by Matthew Harris and Mark Cazalet.

Using drawing as a tool to record visual information is becoming more natural.

Braver in the use of materials, a little less predictable and a little more risk taking although still tentative and need to develop a much bolder and risk taking approach.

Areas for continued development:

  • Regular drawing
  • Integration of research and context
  • Reflection and critical thinking skills
  • Be bold and take risks.