Textiles 1: Ideas and Processes Nina O'Connor

Learning Log

Response to Tutor Feedback IAP1

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My tutor feedback included some insightful comments for consideration and valuable pointers for moving forward.

I will continue to research ‘labels’ formally and informally to increase my understanding of the contemporary context, endeavour to work beyond my desk space, and be more playful in my choice of material, allowing the process to inform the outcome rather than allow book making to influence the result.  The suggestion to adopt a more staged analysis of music to help my response is constructive.

There is a definite truth that my conditioning to do things the perceived ‘right’ way inhibits playfulness and pushing of boundaries.  It was enlightening to realise that identifying my personal boundaries and pushing them would improve confidence and encourage bravery.  I have recently examined my ‘role’ in life and been surprised to realise I am emulating the role played by my mother and see there is much ‘conditioning’ in the way I present myself.  Neat and tidy presentation and crafting is also part of my conditioning, a requirement of school and having worked in an esteemed Private Bank. 50 years practising & practicing ‘neat & tidy’ is quite a habit to break and an unfamiliar concept in the context of work that has to be handed in, so a worthwhile challenge.   The suggestion to ’embrace chaos, mess, energy and passion (albeit slowly) is recognised, perhaps even desired, in my creative and personal development so the reference to Bruce Mau’s “An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth”  is timely.  I wasn’t familiar with the document, have found it both fascinating and relevant and will refer to it throughout this assignment to see how many of the points ‘would help me to be braver’.

The suggestion to consider the value and potential issues of emotion within the work is pertinent.   I have been questioning aspects of my personal life and feel that acknowledging more emotion and allowing it to feed into my work will make it stronger and more valid, but understand that it is important to remain professional within the learning log.




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